Feed Your Head! The Dormouse Theatre Now Open. 

The Dormouse Theatre is a 200 seat venue that will produce its own unique brand of sketch comedy, as well as original, and non-traditional works. In addition, The Dormouse will host and feature live music and an array of other performance artists throughout the season. 


The setting is relaxed with eclectic seating options. Patrons will be able to chill before and after a show, while enjoying locally crafted beverages and house made snacks from their rotating menu. The building itself is a fixture of the Kalamazoo community, as the Dormouse team has repurposed a one hundred and twenty five year old church building. 


As Artistic Director, Dupuie will focus on bringing comedic, thought provoking, and original works to The Dormouse Theatre. “At its core”, Dupuie says, “The Dormouse represents absurdist and experimental comedy, subversive artistic expression, and inclusion.” 


If you think you have heard The Dormouse name floating around Kalamazoo already, you probably have. Gearing up for its opening, Dupuie formed a house sketch comedy troupe and has been popping up all over town to showcase a taste of what audiences can expect. The Dormouse Theatre Troupe is: Adrienne Waller, Lizzy Honoway, Jud Gilbert, Anna Karpinski, Stephen Dupuie, and Sterling Orlowski.


Much like the literary work from which it borrows its name, The Dormouse will offer an experience that will send you on a curious and delightful adventure. 


You can follow The Dormouse Theatre and its journey on Facebook and Instagram @dormousetheatre.